Compliance with business requirements

Introducing multinational companies into new markets can increase the risks of complying with basic trading rules. Thus, there is a risk of corruption. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a thorough background check of the actors in the market.

Solutions against corruption and bribery

Our company monitors from now on all the risks associated with various corruption schemes. Thus, you get protection from possible risks and protect the company from future ill-wishers.



Rating geopolitical risks

Collecting risk exposure statistics in different countries.

Periodic inspection reports

Reporting based on detailed verification of business relationship data.

Formation of a database on risk screening

Collection of data related to the key areas of risk.

Providing recommendations

Based on the assessment of your business, we compile a list of recommendations for improving it.

To keep the information up to date, all key and potential business approvals are monitored twice a year. You also get complete and detailed data statistics once a year.


Reputation and concessions

Many people equate damage to a company's reputation by breaking the law, since many clients can turn their backs on you in a moment and stop cooperating. By contacting us, you get a comprehensive check of the legislation in your country. We examine legislation for aspects such as anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), anti-terrorist financing (CFT), and PEP monitoring.

Highly specialized risk screening
Get the skills to identify hidden risks in business relationships

A detailed examination of business processes reveals hidden risks in business relationships and human networks. Interacting with us, you get a ready-made solution on how to deal with business risks and structured lists of companies and politically exposed persons that have a high level of risk.

Highly specialized risk screening

Risk screening minimizes the cost of complying with the rules of doing business in a particular country. However, the reports you receive allow you to maintain a high level of accuracy, save time monitoring the market you are interested in, and save your clients' money. You may also use the Country-Check service.

Division of research units

This list includes terrorism, insurgency, and organized crime.

Notification in advance

Identification of risky organizations before they are included in government lists.

Country-Check takes into account
  1. The economic stability of the state and the cost of labor when entering a new market.
  2. The level of counterfeiting among the main production of products.
  3. The level of corruption among government officials.
  4. Assessment of benefits for multinational companies.
  5. Online payment options and anti-money laundering (AML) methods.
  6. Checking the available risk factors.
  7. Alignment of risk factors in accordance with defined global laws (for example, anti-money laundering and anti-corruption laws).
General use
  1. In-depth study of anti-bribery and anti-corruption (ABC) programs for compliance with global anti-corruption laws.
  2. Evaluation of product distribution under counterfeits.
  3. Preparation of documentation on the reliability of resellers, distributors, consultants, and advisors.
  4. Detailed inspection of the supply chain.
  5. Valuation of a company before a merger or signing a contract. Checking high-income or high-status customers before interacting with them.
  1. Drawing up programs for immigrant investors or economic residents.
  2. Checking all identified risks automatically.
  3. Verification of identity or transaction process, if there is information that they are somehow connected to a country with a high level of risk.
  4. Improve a process where resources are limited.
Geopolitical analysis

Country-Check also allows you to analyze the level of risk at a geopolitical level. This function is perfect for you if you are planning a merger or acquisition of a company.

Country-Check has a vast database of economic, political, and crime news from around the world. This way you can assess the level of risk of a country depending on several factors.

Key assignment steps

If Country-Check indicates a risk, then you need to turn to the World-Check databases for additional and thorough background checks of the individuals and companies you plan to interact.

Increased discretion

Use another reporting program called Enhanced Due Diligence. The reports provide detailed information on the biographical data of any legal or natural person. These reports are sought after by many organizations to simplify due diligence and protect against reputational damage, plus they save time and cost.

Increased discretion

BLUESPIRIT TECH HOLDINGS LIMITED analysts conduct due diligence on information collected from open sources. Interacting with the company, you receive detailed reports that are consistent with all the rules for conducting research in the country in which your business is registered.




Ability to work with large amounts of data with limited IT resources.


Convenient integration with internal systems when working with large amount of data.


Convenient menu allows one user to perform automated screening.


Convenient to connect anytime and anywhere in the world.


A wide range of technical solutions allows the company to share with you the knowledge and solutions to help you in your day-to-day risk management. Thanks to advanced technical equipment, you can monitor the work of your partners, detect identity fraud, and so on.

To ensure the level of service meets your technical requirements, BLUESPIRIT TECH HOLDINGS LIMITED takes care of installing programs that have excellent analytical skills. This way you gain market knowledge with high-tech solutions and databases.

Technological equipment
  1. Providing access to a service that collects statistics.
  2. Learning how data collection services work.
  3. Installation of market assessment tools (global, local).
  4. Working with analytical tools.


There is a vast amount of identity fraud in the market today. If you are planning a merger or any other interaction, you need to make sure that the person is real.

BLUESPIRIT TECH HOLDINGS LIMITED provides technical solutions to help identify individuals. This way you will be able to reduce losses from fraud.

Tools for gaining access to personal identification
  1. External and biometric solutions.
  2. Authentication of the identity document.
  3. Device scoring features that quickly match mobile, laptop, and other digital devices.
  4. Advanced analytics that allows you to take a personalized approach to authentication.
  5. Real-time transaction valuation with digital data analytics.
  6. Authentication and fraud prevention using a dynamic history of behavior.


The import and export process can be a confusing maze, especially for those unfamiliar with the documentation, shipping procedures, and different roles involved in moving goods from one country to another. It is quite difficult to engage in this trade alone and can lead to undesirable consequences.

BLUESPIRIT TECH HOLDINGS LIMITED provides consulting services to its clients. You get advice on all aspects of your business. A little advice can go a long way in helping you build your international business with fewer bumps.

Access provision of trade operations
  1. Consulting on leasing, barter, transportation, and delivery in commercial transactions.
  2. Providing information on international trade transactions.
  3. Determination of the basic terms of international trade contracts.
  4. Working with aInternational trade accounting: collection, letter of credit, and other alytical tools.
  5. Determination of factors that can influence the price of goods in the contract.


Consulting itself implies the possibility of providing training material. By interacting with BLUESPIRIT TECH HOLDINGS LIMITED, you limit the level of risks that may arise. You also gain a strategic understanding of how to mitigate risks and receive operational support whenever you need it.

Awareness Opportunities

Obtaining statistical data over time.


Obtaining information in accessible language, skillful use of information.


Lifehacks from experts on how to identify a scammer and how not to fall into the trap of low-value customers.

Convenient time

Providing consultations at any time convenient for you and in a convenient format.


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